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Note: This hairpin structure is not yet validated.
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Associated microRNAs

1 The "hits" correspond to the number of time this small rna was found in the different libraries.
2Kadri, S., Hinman, V., Benos, P. V. (2009). HHMMiR: efficient de novo prediction of microRNAs using hierarchical hidden Markov models. BMC Bioinformatics 10(Suppl. 1):S35.10.1186/1471-2105-10-S1-S35. PMID: 19208136
raining set for HHMMiR was Triticum aestivum microRNAs from miRBase (revision 19).
3Batuwita, R. and Palade, V. (2009) microPred: effective classification of pre-miRNAs for human miRNA gene prediction. Bioinformatics, 25, 989-995. PMID: 19233894
4Leclercq, M., Diallo, A.B and Blanchette, M. (2013) Computational prediction of the localization of microRNAs within their pre-miRNA. Nucleic Acids Res. 41(15):7200-7211. PMID: 23748953 mirDup
Note: the mirDup* version used in this study differs from the original one on the 35 retained features that are relevant for plants
The different training set for the mirDup are based on the microRNAs of miRBase (revision 19 or 20)
Kozomara A, Griffiths-Jones S. (2014) miRBase: annotating high confidence microRNAs using deep sequencing data. NAR 2014 42:D68-D73 PMID: 21037258
The mirBase (B) dataset includes miRNAs identified by cloning or sequencing from all species.
5The Plantae (P) dataset includes only miRNAs specific to plants (Viridiplantae).
6The Monocot (M) dataset includes only miRNAs specific to monocotyledons.
7Jones-Rhoades, M.W. and Bartel, D.P. (2004). Computational identification of plant MicroRNAs and their targets, including a stress-induced miRNA. Mol. Cell, 14, 787-799. PMID: 15200956
8Meyers, B.C., Axtell, M.J., Bartel, B., Bartel, D.P., Baulcombe, D., Bowman, J.L., Cao, X., Carrington, J.C., Chen, X., Green, P.J., Griffiths-Jones, S., Jacobsen, S.E., Mallory, A.C., Martienssen, R.A., Poethig, R.S., Qi, Y., Vaucheret, H., Voinnet, O., Watanabe, Y., Weigel, D., Zhu, J.K. (2008) Criteria for annotation of plant microRNAs. Plant Cell 20:3186–3190. PMID: 19074682
9Secondary structures of the extracted sequences were folded with RNAfold from ViennaRNA v1.8.4 package
Hofacker, IL. (2003) Vienna Rna secondary structure server. Nucleic Acids Research, 31(13), 3429-3431. PMID: 12824340
Vizualisation and rendering of secondary structures is provided by VARNA
Darty, K., Denise, A. and Ponty, Y. (2009) VARNA: Interactive drawing and editing of the RNA secondary structure Bioinformatics, 25(15), 1974-1975. PMID: 19398448
11New* The Wheat (W) dataset (Triticum aestivum)
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