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Remita, M.A., Lord, E., Agharbaoui, Z., Leclercq, M., Badawi, M.A.; Sarhan, F. and Diallo, A.B. A novel comprehensive wheat miRNA database, including related bioinformatics software Current Plant Biology (2016)

Agharbaoui Z., Leclercq M., Remita M.A., Badawi M.A., Lord E., Houde M., Danyluk J., Diallo A.B., and Sarhan F. An integrative approach to identify hexaploid wheat miRNAome associated with development and tolerance to abiotic stress  BMC genomics 16.1 (2015): 339.  PMID: 25903161

References for methods used in this database

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Included data and methods

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