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MIRcheck1 v1.0

Use this tool to validate your microRNA sequences using the MIRcheck v1.0 predictor.
Note: The maximum number of submitted sequences is limited to 3 000.
Sequence ID Sequence Valid microRNA
Input format
The sequences must be in tabbed format, separated by tabulations (\t) or space e.g.: 
name1 matureMiRNASequence1 precursorSequence1 SecondaryStructure1
name2 matureMiRNASequence2 precursorSequence2 SecondaryStructure2
1Jones-Rhoades, M.W. and Bartel, D.P. (2004). Computational identification of plant MicroRNAs and their targets, including a stress-induced miRNA. Mol. Cell, 14, 787-799.
PMID: 15200956
2Meyers, B.C., Axtell, M.J., Bartel, B., Bartel, D.P., Baulcombe, D., Bowman, J.L., Cao, X., Carrington, J.C., Chen, X., Green, P.J., Griffiths-Jones, S., Jacobsen, S.E., Mallory, A.C., Martienssen, R.A., Poethig, R.S., Qi, Y., Vaucheret, H., Voinnet, O., Watanabe, Y., Weigel, D., Zhu, J.K. (2008) Criteria for annotation of plant microRNAs. Plant Cell 20:3186-3190.
PMID: 19074682
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