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mirDup1 v1.2

Use this tool to validate your microRNA sequences using the mirDup v1.2 predictor.
Note: The maximum number of submitted sequences is limited to 3 000.
Sequence ID Sequence Score Valid microRNA
Input format
The sequences must be in tabbed format, separated by tabulations (\t) or space e.g.: 
name1 matureMiRNASequence1 precursorSequence1 SecondaryStructure1
name2 matureMiRNASequence2 precursorSequence2 SecondaryStructure2
1Leclercq, M., Diallo, A.B and Blanchette, M. (2013) Computational prediction of the localization of microRNAs within their pre-miRNA. Nucleic Acids Res. 41(15):7200-7211.
PMID: 23748953 (Direct link to mirDup)
Note: the mirDup* version used in this study differs from the original one on the 35 retained features that are relevant for plants
2 The different training set for the mirDup are based on the microRNAs of miRBase (revision 19 or 20)
Kozomara A, Griffiths-Jones S. (2014) miRBase: annotating high confidence microRNAs using deep sequencing data. NAR 2014 42:D68-D73 PMID: 21037258
The mirBase (B) dataset includes miRNAs identified by cloning or sequencing from all species.
The Plantae (P) dataset includes only miRNAs specific to plants (Viridiplantae).
The Monocot (M) dataset includes only miRNAs specific to monocotyledons.
The Wheat (W) dataset (Triticum aestivum)
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